Port and Terminal Congestion Update

December 26, 2021

Ports – Vessels

– Vessels are delayed from berthing and are sitting for several days anchored outside port due to congestion

-Ports are unloading containers into Closed Areas temporarily before moving them to Open Areas in an effort to help with the congestion and Rail Cart Shortages. This is similar to what we are seeing in Chicago CYs with GL3 (Union Pacific)

-LAX/LGB has capacity to berth 30 vessels at one time

-Some West Coast terminals are planning to begin to operate 24/7 in an effort to help eliminate congestion

-Average anchored dwell time before berthing is roughly 2+ weeks

-As of 12/17/2021, 

  • 97 vessels waiting to berth at LAX/LGB
  • 6 vessels waiting to berth at Seattle
  • 4 vessels waiting to berth at Tacoma
  • 12 vessels waiting to berth at Vancouver
  • 6 vessels waiting to berth at Oakland
  • 12 vessels waiting to berth at Savannah

**Due to capacity at the Port Terminals being maxed out, there is an increase in the number of vessels anchored offshore pending to Berth



  • Ports are becoming more congested (this is a result of cargo being shipped to Canada in an effort to avoid LAX/LGB ports and congestion)
  • Vancouver is experiencing a lot of weather issues, such as floods and landslides caused by torrential rains, which is adding to delays
  • Rail operations have started up again, however, things are still moving slow


-About Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach Container Excess Dwell Fee

  • The application of the Dwell Fee has been postponed from the initial scheduled start on November 29th to the start on December 17th.
  • The reasoning for the delays are:
    • The number of long-term retention containers is decreasing
    • Some parts of the collection process such as payment methods that have not been decided yet when operating on the Terminal side and the shipping company side.


Los Angeles / Long Beach, CA

11/30 12/07 12/15 12/22
Days Waiting for Berth and Discharge 5-30 days 5-30 days 5-30 days 5-30 days
Rail Dwell Average 6-30 days 5-30 days 5-30 days 3 days


Tacoma / Seattle, WA

11/30 12/07 12/15 12/22
Days Waiting for Berth and Discharge 0-30 days 0-30 days 0-30 days 0-30 days
Rail Dwell Average 1-40 days 1-40 days 1-40 days 11 days


Vancouver, BC Canada

11/30 12/07 12/15 12/22
Days Waiting for Berth and Discharge 0-15 days 0-20 days 0-20 days 0-20 days
Rail Dwell Average 5-35 days 5-35 days 5-35 days 22 days


Union Pacific – Global 3 // Global 4 (as of 12/22)

-The number of containers stuck in GL3 at this time is ZERO CNTRs

-Cargo may take 3-4 months before being moved to GL4

-There are currently NO ONE United containers stuck at GL4 without chassis



-Lot W is no longer a “CLOSED” area, it has been opened back up. Truckers are now able to pick up containers in this lot.

-BNSF has advised that there are currently no Closed Lots at this time


Chassis Shortage

-Several containers grounded at Chicago CYs without chassis

-The shortage continues to delay container pick up before LFDs


*The above is a summary based on our record and reporting results from ONE in the link below as well as additional information directly received from Rail and Steamship Lines.



*The above is for reference purposes only. Actual transit time is subject to change depending on the situation.