GRH-Power Nickel Plated Directional Valves

From a capacity standpoint these have been very difficult times for us.  It’s been a rare confluence of good economies in the USA, Europe and Asia.  Every manufacturer of industrial and mobile hydraulics has had to cope with much larger orders than could have been expected, stretching supply lines into breaking points.

In consultation with Yuken, we at ALA have developed another supply source for directional solenoid valves that we hope will help mitigate our mutual problem of extended deliveries.  We have established a relationship with a Taiwanese firm GRH-Power (see attached catalog).

These are specially designed nickel-plated valves for the mobile industry.  They are also useful in applications under severe water contact or washdown conditions.  For the most part nickel plated valves can substitute for standard valves.  Though the operating limits are a bit lower than our Yuken valves, nevertheless these valves should work in most of your applications.

The catalog includes a Price List in the last page.  We have quantity breaks applicable to the List Prices, at 1 to 24, 25 to 99, and 100 or more

Standard are nickel plated valves with indicator lights in the terminal box or the DIN connector, and a small adder for deutsch connector.  All three will be stocked.  For your very large OEM customers, contact us for special pricing extending beyond this discount range.

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