Piston Pumps

Yuken offers a wide range of low noise, high efficiency, swash plate type variable displacement piston pumps.

Vane Pumps

These pumps are of high pressure and high performance. They have been developed for low noise operation and have a wide range for output flow.

Pressure Controls

These valves are used as a remote control valve to operate and protect a system experiencing excessive pressure. They are used to control pressure in the hydraulic system at a constant level.

Flow Controls

These valves are pressure and temperature compensating valves and maintain a constant flow rate independent of changes in the system pressure and temperature.

Directional Controls

These valves are used for shifting oil flow direction of hydraulic circuit and for actuator starting/stopping as well as the operating direction shifting of actuator.

We are ALA Industries Limited

At ALA Industries, we provide a prestigious product line throughout the Americas that aids the maximization of the end users hydraulic systems.

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