A16-F-R-01-H-K-32 – JIS 16cc Piston Pump 170-3050 psi Press Comp



  • High efficiency: The efficiency properties in case of “A16”from are high efficiencies to be shown below.
  • Accomplishment of energy-saving: Because the overall efficiency is high and the cut-off characteristics is sharp, thus the input power may be saved. 
  • Low noise level: In the “A16” pump, the noise level is as low as 57.3 dB(A) [at the full cut-off pressure 21 MPa with speed 1500 r/min one metre horizontally away from pump head cover.]
  • Low heat generation: Because of small power loss, it is possible to reduce the rise in oil temperature. Accordingly, capacity of a reservoir can be reduced. 

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