DSG-03-3C60-D12-5090 – Dir. Valve Sol. Operated


“DSG-03” series valves are epoch-making solenoid operated valves of high pressure, high flow which have been developed incorporating a unique design concept into every part of the valve including the solenoid. With wet type solenoids, these valves ensure the low noise and the long life, moreover, ensure no leakage of oil outside of the valves.


  • Wide Range of Models
    • Choose the optimum valve to meet your need from a large selection available. The DSG-03 50 design series solenoid operated directional valves are classified into the two basic models.
      •  Standard type …. Useable at high pressure: 31.5 MPa (4570 PSI) and high flow: 120 L/min (31.7 U.S.GPM) 
      • Shockless type …. A noise at spool changeover and a vibration in piping can be reduced to a minimum. 
  • Stable Operation
  • Usable in products of various standards

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US Customs Harmonized Code: 8481.20.0020

Country of Origin: Japan

Weight: 11.02 lbs

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Weight 11 lbs