Fixed Displacement Single, Double, Combination Vane Pumps (50T, 150T, 250F Series)

Single Pumps
These pumps are widely used as a source of hydraulic power. They combine stable performance and robust construction with a wide range of delivery rates. (50T)

Double Pumps
Two single pumps, driven by a common shaft, have two discharge ports so that the output flow can be supplied to separate circuits.
(5050T, 50150T, 150150T, 50250F, 150250F)

Combination Pumps
Consists of a double pump with either two relief valves, or one relief and one unloading and check valve incorporated within a common housing. The pressure of each pump can be independently adjusted. Remote control or high-low two-pressure control is possible.
(5050CT, 50150CT, 5050CT, 50150CT)

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